Fue extremadamente fácil reconocerte. Podría mentirte y decir que tal vez es tu aroma o las líneas que dibujan tu cara. Lo cierto es que mi alma reconoció la tuya, de un modo natural. Mis ojos lograron ver aquello que se encontraba escondido bajo tu piel, dejando al desnudo ese ser cambiante y evolucionado en el que lograste convertirte. Y entre idas y venidas, nos vimos inmersos en un mar de energías que nos transportaban a aquellas dimensiones en las cuales nos descubrimos mutuamente; teniendo como resultado el conocernos en este pequeño pero real plano, por el cual seguimos caminamos como completos desconocidos…

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Quiz: What Color Is Your Energy?

This Test Will Reveal The Answer.

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Colors make the whole world beautiful. Without them life would be muted and so much less vibrant and alive. Everything would be shades of black and white, which would make objects and things much harder to distinguish between, including people!

As it follows, we all vibrate at different frequencies which cause us to give off our own particular hue. This type of colored energy is, in a sense, quite similar to our auras in that it’s both personal to each one of us and it can be read and interpreted by others. There are a variety of different ways in which the color of our own energy may affect us. Perhaps one of the main ones is that it has a subtle, unconscious influence on other people’s perception of us. They read the vibrations we radiate and put off, so in addition to our behavior and personalities, our energy matters!

While oftentimes we are not able to read or see our own colored energy, it’s always there and with us regardless of whether or not you’re even aware of it. This beautiful and relaxing quiz will help you explore what color your energy is currently vibrating at! The images and options are designed to speak to your subconscious and draw out the answer. Pass it on and as always, have fun and enjoy!

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